Sunday, December 12, 2004


I never knew I was treated badly until I found Aidan and he treated me well. I never knew men could feel such devotion alongside such respect until I found Aidan and he is respectfully devoted to me. I never saw the love burning so brightly in somebody's eyes until Aidan looked at me and the love burned brightly there. I never knew I had value as a human being until I found Aidan and he valued me. I never knew I needed looking after until I found Aidan and he looked after me. I never knew I could rely on somebody until I found Aidan and I relied on him.

An Arrival

She sat waiting in her usual nervous anticipation. It was a Friday night and she was alone; but not for long. The knock on the door made her jump, although she'd been expecting it for hours now. Silly to be so jumpy, she knew. After all, the man on the other side of the door was not to be feared. It was merely her own feelings for him, the feelings so intense she couldn't express them to him, that made her heart beat so quickly. It would be easier if it were constant, or if she knew what to expect. But sometimes he inspired such passion in her she could not speak, other times he eased a day's tensions and relaxed her to near sleep. There were times his antics made her laugh until her belly ached, and times his pain made her sad enough to cry. Whatever the mood, she rarely wanted anything more than to see him, to be with him.

Realising he still stood outside the door waiting for her, she stood and calmed her breathing. Seeing him standing there, complete with goofy smile and black make-up, she couldn't help but laugh for the sheer joy of it.

Ain't love grand?